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Looking for someone to turn your beautiful ideas into websites that respond to various device sizes, and are powered by code that’s just as beautiful, as well as scalable?

Web Design

The visual component of the website where creativity, taste, elegance, simplicity are all characteristics that are mixed in designing the perfect website

Web Development

Besides a simple and elegant design, a site must be functional, interactive, responsive and therefore I use the latest coding techniques

CMS Development

Website based on Content Management System is the ideal solution to update your website without having to pay a web designer for every minor change


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About me

My name is Robert. I am a student of Interactive multimedia design from Thomas More university and I enjoy calling myself a Front-End Developer. I get up in the morning to make things because making things isn’t the end of my process, it *is* my process.

I have fun because I love what I do. I want my clients to enjoy working with me as much as I enjoy solving the challenges they bring to me. It is my core belief that your website should have personality and make your visitor react in some way. That is why I am offering you a wide array of services for total satisfaction. We're talking website design, which also involves graphic design but also web development. I am developing everything from small presentation website to business websites, blogs, eCommerce stores and even fully functional custom social networks.

Not only do I create websites and platforms, I also offer long-term support, logo design, hosting/domain, advice and more.

I care about your site as much as you do, which is why I honor the details. The tiniest things can make the biggest difference. Whether it’s presentations, prototypes, insights, designs or code, I sweat the small details because that’s often where the magic is.


Making things isn’t the end of my process, it "is" my process


What am I offering?


The simpler the logo, the more it will be remembered. Every detail used brings additional information to your branding. A great logo design is one that also works perfectly in just one color, and it’s finished when you can’t take anything else away from it


I develop fast interactive front ends, using the latest technologies and techniques to reduce page load time. I use my knowledge and tools to save time in development, including preprocessors and my own custom framework to kick start a project


The one answering your emails/phone will always be me, not a secretary or somebody you haven't spoken to before. I am a trustworthy man, punctual and easygoing. I strive to make your website look great


Since 2014, I’ve designed streamlined, easy-to-use websites and user interfaces. I work to the principle that less is more, while carefully and strategically including important details and interactions that gives you a great user experience


A web design agency often involves third parties, which means delays and postponements. I am 100% self-reliant, so I don't pose this problem and I care about your site as much as you do. Plus, I DON'T WORK ONLY FROM 9 TO 5


I don't pay salaries, nor do I pay rents in the city centre. This enables me to offer a high quality service that you otherwise wouldn't afford. I will present you the best options and guide you to the most eficint way possible.


The steps that will bring your project to life

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    The first step in designing a successful project is to gather information. Many things need to be taken into consideration when the look and feel of your project is created.This first step is actually the most important one, as it involves a solid understanding of the company it is created for. It involves a good understanding of what your business goals and dreams are, and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve those goals.

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    Every successful project is underpinned by a project plan. I'll help you set your objectives, understand who your customers are, and find the best ways to reach them. Then we'll scope out the project to deliver the best return on your investment. At this stage we'll be ready to create a sitemap and basic page layouts.

  • Design & Code

    When you're happy with the designs, I'll create your project using the most suitable technology. I hand-code using Responsive HTML5, CSS, jQuery and PHP - and pull it all together in Wordpress if you need to manage the content of your site yourself. I am also a fan of responsive design - that's catering for people viewing your site on smartphones and tablets. You'll then be given a test link to your project, where we can make any final tweaks until you're happy for the project to go live.


Crafting it’s a philosophy that informs everything I do












Feel free to take a look at my work so far


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